Our paid membership is for access to “Pup U” The only online university for greyhound players. This membership includes intense advanced training. The details on what is included in paid tuition to “Pup U” is outlined at the bottom of the page.

This is a full service membership only training website. We are here for the long term for members. We are open and up front about everything. We have spelled out in detail everything involved in your membership, what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. We want this to be not only a profitable learning experience for members but an enjoyable one as well.

I will teach you how to use QuickDog handicapping software. If you are a newbie to the software I will show you in easy steps how to get up and running quickly. However the Quickdog site has very detailed manuals and videos so you can learn the mechanics of the software. My training primarily focuses on how to customize it to give you the correct data you need, and how to use this data to play. This software is not included in the cost of membership. You will need to get it from the QD developers. It has a free 30 day trial.

You will get insight into my decade PLUS career of winning at the track. A lot of people claim to be able to help you win. Some offer pick sheets. Other offer their own spreadsheets. Some just try to steal other handicapping methods and put them into a spreadsheet for you. WHAT THEY DON’T DO…is teach you every single aspect of being a long term winning player.

As a member you will get instant access to hours and HQ streaming videos. In these videos I will teach you

Handicapping basics
Advanced handicapping
Psychology of gambling
Advanced bankroll formulas and advice
Precision trifecta wagering structure
Advanced exotic wagering techniques.
Live video of my actual play showing you every step of the process

As a member you don’t get the same old tired pick sheets and a pat on the back.

My members will come as close to accessing a greyhound wagering UNIVERSITY as can be possible. New content, videos and training added monthly plus daily interactions, questions, answers and more on the members only forum. I am here to help you any way I can.

Email me a question about wagering, finding key dogs, trifecta strategy or just ask me how you went wrong on a race you played. I will take requests and produce videos answering your questions and share them with ALL members.

My members get access to my members only forum. You can discuss things you learn, want to learn or just get input from other members. This forum will become the PREMIERE meeting place for the best greyhound players in the country. And YOU will be a part of it. And it’s only available to members!

This is brand new and we are excited about it. Think of it like Facebook, but only for greyhound players.
You can share posts, see other members posts, join specific groups for specific tracks you love to play,
and exchange private messages with other members.

There is a $100 membership fee to be a member of my Handicapping service. This fee gives you memebership for 12 months (One Full Year). You will also be charged $49 for access to the first months access. After the first 30 days you will then be billed $49 every 30 days for another month of access to all of the members only content. YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANYTIME. How long you are a member is completely up to you.

You understand that this a monthly subscription and you will be charged the membership fee every 30 days. There is no proration for partial months. You are a member until you cancel. Canceling is simple and easy using the button below, contacting paypal directly or asking me via email. No proration for months is used for access to the members area.

You may cancel at any time. There are three ways to do this. You can email me and I will cancel immediately upon receipt of your email or you may cancel the subscription yourself by going through paypal our payment processor. You can also come back to this page and use the cancel button located below.

You understand that this website, it’s owners and partners are not responsible for technical issues with your internet provider or the internet in general that may affect your ability to get the sheets downloaded. The videos are large files. They are optimized for the internet but users who have dial-up internet will probably not be happy with the time required to watch the videos. It is suggested you have high speed internet.

You understand that this website, it’s owners and partners are not responsible for your knowledge of how to use your computer, your web browser and basic internet skills. While we will help you if you have some kind of serious issue that can’t be resolved we are not providing general tech support because your browser or internet isn’t working right.

You agree and understand that when you cancel your service or request us to cancel it for you that the cancellation is effective IMMEDIATELY. Service will be discontinued the same day the subscription is cancelled. There is no proration or partial credit given for any remaining time that may be available in the current payment period. We do this because we aren’t a team of 20 people running a company. We are people with lives and trying to keep track of the date everyones subscription ends would be a nightmare. That being said, when someone cancels it is usually a week or more before we get around to removing them from the system. But that isn’t guaranteed.

There are NO refunds under any condition. Our training on the QD software is proprietary. Once you have been giving access to the training site there are NO Refunds. If you do not agree to these terms then do not sign up.

If you agree to the terms above then please use the button below to order on a secure server. Our payments are processed through paypal, the most secure and trusted online payment processor.

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