“More than a pick sheet and a prayer.”

Thanks for visiting the only only greyhound racing university. We started offering greyhound pick sheets and tips back in 2004 and we were successful at it with many satisfied players. But we weren’t satisfied with ourselves.

The old adage about ‘teaching a man to fish” kept coming to mind so we stopped doing picks sheets. We stopped doing greyhound track tips. No more tips sheets to be downloaded every day.

We decided to spend the time and resources to teach greyhound players how to play profitably. Sure, it’s harder and takes more time, but it’s worth it. Showing someone the path to playing with an advantage is both challenging and rewarding.

What do we offer our members here at “Pup U?”

  • In depth training.
  • Over 400 hours of HD video including live play as it happens.
  • Limited Membership to 25 players

We don’t often have opening as membership is capped but when we do there is no better place to learn how to play the puppies. Check out the video below and see what some current and former members have to say about their experience learning how to play the greyhounds at “Pup U.”

Whether you sign up to be a member or not you should definitely contact us about getting massive rebates every time you play. I know most of the biggest players in the business and I can tell you one simple fact.

No matter how good you are you will NEVER be profitable without rebates.

The take out at the tracks is too high these days and the percentage of recreational players is too small.

  • If you aren’t getting up to 19% rebates on your wagers then you need to become a member or email me ASAP. Just your rebates on your wagers alone could more than cover the cost of being a member here. Get up to $19 back in your pocket for every $100 you wager!

If you aren’t getting these kinds if rebates then you should stop everything you are doing and email me right now.

Stop throwing money away

Either sign up to be a member of Pup U, or use the contact form in the top menu to message me and ask how to get these huge rebates on your wagers!

Other things that come along as part of your greyhound racing training are training in all the following areas of playing profitably:

  1. Handicapping
  2. Wager Structure
  3. Bankroll Management
  4. Math
  5. Gambling Psychology
  6. Advanced Concepts
  7. Power Plays
  8. Value Plays
  9. Speculation
  10. Odds
  11. Probability
  12. Technology.

We have members that have been active for several years. That is a testament to the quality of our site, the quality of our members only community, and the passion our members share. Most people who join “Pup U” do not ever want to leave.